CookOrDie: Meatball mishaps

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Today I discovered what meatballs taste like if I use too much bread
to extend the ground beef. I'm definitely going to do mostly-meat
meatballs next time. Also, cheddar isn't the best cheese for Kathy's
recipe for Secret Happiness. I should use a soft, melty cheese like

You live, you learn. =) The meatballs were edible, though, and
properly cooked all the way through. They were just not as crunchy or
juicy as I remembered. I cooked some spaghetti, threw six meatballs
into the bowl, and tossed the spaghetti with tomato sauce. I then
microwaved everything for a minute to get the sauce nice and hot. It
was an acceptable dinner. And yes, Mom, I took my vitamins. =)

I scrimped on the ground beef because I also wanted to cook ground
beef with garlic and onions for the pita pocket lunch I intend to have
tomorrow. Let's see how that turns out.

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