Song for Mary, O Canada

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I knew the anthem I heard during a broadcast of the Winter Olympics
sounded familiar. In fact, it sounded almost exactly like the song we
sang for graduation.


Its music is adapted from Calixa Lavalée’s music to the hymn “O
Canada”, composed in 1880, which is why many people believe that the
Ateneo copied the music of Canada’s national anthem. However, it is
interesting to note that Canada only adopted “O Canada” as its own
national anthem in 1980. The Ateneo de Manila adopted “A Song for
Mary” as its alma mater song three decades earlier.

Would anyone happen to have an MP3 of Song for Mary so that I can
prove it to skeptical Canadian friends, or should I just go ahead and
do it myself? =)

How’s that for strange coincidences?

Random Japanese sentence:

うまい外交官とは、人に秘密をもらさせる手をいつもつかう人である。 A good diplomat is a person who practises the technique of letting someone else let the cat of the bag.

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