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schadenfreude: pleasure taken from someone else’s misfortune

It’s always nice to know that I have friends who read my blog and LAUGH AT MY PROBLEMS! ;)

(23:05:34) happy_eclair: you talk to Mark on your blog
(23:05:36) happy_eclair: how amusing!
(23:05:37) happy_eclair: hahahaha
(23:05:46) sachachua83: <laugh>
(23:05:50) sachachua83: He reads it once in a while...
(23:05:59) happy_eclair: :))
(23:06:09) happy_eclair: yeah, the panicking on your blog
(23:06:13) happy_eclair: when you ought to be writing
(23:06:22) happy_eclair: that is really funny <laughs>


Research is proceeding slowly but surely. Having found it nearly
impossible to write in a scholarly manner without, err, actually
having read scholarly sources first, I’m chewing through papers I find
on the net. I’m _so_ glad the internet exists, too. Imagine what all
those other researchers had to go through, tracking down paper
sources?! Gasp, gasp. Anyway, I’m reading, and I don’t feel quite so
bad about my progress now.

My pen is still missing, though. =( My mom said that should help me
learn to take better care of things. Yes, I gave myself _that_
lecture already. She also reminded me not to get too stressed out
about the pen. Hey, that’s why I write: I can get the stress out of
my head.

And to all of you laughing out there: I know it’s because you can just
see me doing the Japanese-anime-full-panic mode… ^_^;

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