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The Toronto Transit Commission went on strike today, which meant that
I was stuck in downtown Toronto and couldn’t get to IBM. I caught up
on sleep and tidied my room instead. In the evening, I helped with the
Graduate House barbecue. One of the downsides of hosting such a large
event is that I had hardly any time to talk to people during the event
itself, but I’m looking forward to chatting with people throughout the
next few months. =)

Random Japanese sentence: このようにして、おじいさんは、あたりをみまわすたびに、きれいなねこがみつかっておいていくことができなくなりました。そして知らない間に、そこにいるねこをみんな拾い上げてつれていくことになってしまいました。 So it happened that every time the very old man looked up, he saw another cat which was so pretty he could not bear to leave it, and before he knew it, he had chosen them all. Kono you ni shite, ojiisan wa, atari o mimawasetabini, kirei na neko ga mitsukatte oite iku koto ga dekinakunarimashita. Soshite shiranai aida ni, soko ni iru neko o minna hiroiagete tsurete iku koto ni natte shimaimashita.

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