Tiny laptop = conversation starter

| geek

I can't count the conversations that have started because my laptop's
smaller than usual, but I've enjoyed each of them. Today was no

I passed by Tucows too early for my podcasting appointment with Joey
de Villa and Gabriel Mansour, having for some reason thought it would
be 4:00 instead of 5:30. I read a few articles in the lobby before
deciding to head back to Graduate House in order to drop off my
confirmation deposit. While waiting for the Dufferin bus back to the
subway station, I worked on my laptop. (You _gotta_ love a city where
I can do that and not be too worried about getting mugged!)

Someone remarked on the size of my laptop. He introduced himself as
Doug and said that he'd seen me in the Tucows office. We chatted about
Linux and BSD, DNS, his previous work, the book he was reading, and
other fun stuff.

With Spadina drawing near, he suggested coffee. He was quick to
explain that it wouldn't be a date thing and that he has a girlfriend
– thoughtful of him to set me at ease! =) – but that he wanted to
continue the conversation at some time because he thought that I was
interesting. So yeah, it would be fun to introduce him to other geek

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