In case of emergency, break open stationery

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Monogrammed stationery

I'm glad my mom insisted that I keep emergency giftwrap in my suite,
that my sister taught me how to bake cookies, and that I have a
stationery collection of blank cards and note paper that I can use for
any occasion.

Simon Rowland's sister and mother's birthdays were last Friday and
Saturday. He invited me to join them for a family celebration. With an
hour of notice, I baked cookies and wrote them short birthday notes
that referred to stories he'd told me of them.

I didn't have cards cut to size for my Japanese gold-flecked
envelopes, so I used the beautifully monogrammed Crane stationery
instead. One of my godparents introduced me to the joys of Crane, and
I've loved it ever since. I think the gold-tissue-lined envelopes and
the simply monogrammed cream cards are among the most elegant I've
seen. Besides, I didn't know them well enough to find the perfect
Maverick postcard for them, so blank cards were the best.

I love occasions to write on beautiful paper. =)

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