Neatening up

| life

Having decided that helpless messiness is _not_ part of my core
identity, I spent the entire afternoon sorting my room out.

It's amazing how much order can be imposed with stackable drawers, of
which I am now a big fan. I've moved all of my infrequently used
electronics and crafts out from under my desk and into two stackable
drawers under my laundry, freeing up space under my desk for my bags.
I moved my stationery collection into three-drawer stackable drawers,
dividing them into envelopes and stickers, note paper, and cards.

I have this craving for even more stackable drawers. I'm starting to
wonder how many of them I can pile up considering structural
constraints. I might have space for a few in my closet and a few more
beside my bookshelves…

It's nice having a clear desk again. Granted, my drawers aren't
completely neat yet, but my room feels much better than it used to.

Good timing, too, as a new suitemate's just moved in.

Next steps: neaten my drawers and the bathroom.

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