Planning my week with zones

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I think IBM's Think!Fridays are a great idea. It's like zoning a day
for a particular purpose. I tend to treat my Think!Fridays as
mini-Hack Days, using the time to sit down and code something I'd been
meaning to write for a while. It's a lot of fun, and it makes me look
forward to Fridays. I'm tempted to make it Think!Monday instead so
that I have a great way to start the week.

Choosing a theme for the day reminds me to schedule things that help
me grow. It's too easy to fall into the rhythm of doing the same old
thing. So here's how I want to shape my week:

New Monday The start of the week should fill me with energy and excitement and give me something to look forward to. I'll use Mondays to connect with new people I've met.
Growth Tuesday Toastmasters is about personal development. I can pass by the Chapters bookstore on the way back in order to read a book or two.
Midweek Meditation I might need time to catch my breath midway through the week. Wednesday is a great day for quiet reflection and catching up.
Creative Thursday Jazz choir practice engages my creative side. I'll take advantage of the right-braininess by making Thursday my creative think-out-of-the-box develop-new-facets day.
Friday with Friends Getting together with friends is a great way to close the week and get ready for the weekend. I'll use Friday to reconnect with people I know.
Saturday Explorations Saturday is a great time to explore the city and step outside of my usual interests and activities.
Sunday Serenity Time to reflect on the past week and plan the next one.

These zones are flexible, but I'll try to proactively schedule things for each day. Fun!

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