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It's interesting, flying without knowing exactly where you're going to
end up. I hadn't been able to get in touch with friends in Boston in
the days leading up to my departure, so I flew without any concrete
plans for accommodations. Meep!

I first headed to Hostelling International on 12 Hemenway St. They were fully booked, so they referred me to Oasis Guest House a short walk away. Oasis was a bit out of my starving-grad-student budget, though, at over USD 100 for a single room with a shared bath. The proprietor was kind enough to refer me to YMCA, and even let me use his phone for free. Awww!

So I've checked into the YMCA on 316 Huntington Ave (+1 617 536 7800).
The rates are still a bit ouch (USD 49 per night including taxes), but
I feel less guilty now about my research supervisor's budget. I wish
I'd brought a swimsuit, as the facilities include a swimming pool, a
steam room and a sauna!

The library that I'm blogging from is a few blocks away. Northeastern University Library has free wireless and airconditioned comfort, and all you need is a photo ID. Sweet. They're open until 11.

Tomorrow morning, I'll find out whether I'm okay with staying at the Y
for another day and whether I can book another day there. It's not a
bad place: no frills, but totally workable. (And they have towels and
soap, even! I should've brought my slippers.) If I can't make that
work, then I may have to throw myself upon the mercy of IBMers and/or
the local tech scene and find a couch I can crash on tomorrow night.

I'll need to forage for food and plan my 2-3 minute spiel sometime
later tonight, but it's nice to know that I've gotten that sorted out.
I need to also buy travel-sized toothpaste. (Darn you, airport security!)

But hey, we have a plan…

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