Awesome! One of my favorite authors just started blogging!

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Tim Sanders, author of “Love is the Killer App”, has just launched a
blog: . “Love is the Killer App” is a book that I
enthusiastically recommend and even give away to other people. Given
that I'm on a grad student's budget, that's quite a strong statement.
;) I know so many people it describes so well, and I want to be the
kind of person it envisions.

I'm really looking forward to listening to Tim Sanders at the
Power Within event on September 13. How can I go about connecting
beyond the anonymity of a general-admission audience? I would love to
have a longer conversation. I'm good at mingling with diverse groups
and would probably find a way to fit into the VIP lunch if I could
talk my way into it, although I might need help convincing them to let
me in. I know I'd have interesting conversations. Hmm. Coffee? Dinner?
I'd be happy to be squeezed into a meeting with other people—all the
better, actually, because then I'd get to meet other cool people.

I wonder if anyone on my LinkedIn or OpenBC is linked. Hmm, there's a
leadership coach named Tim Sanders at Yahoo!, but he has only one
connection, so that's kinda odd. Not on OpenBC either.

*boggle* I have more LinkedIn connections than Keith Ferrazzi, who's
actually just three degrees away – but he's not open to Introductions
or InMail, so I'm going to have to do this the old-fashioned way. Let
me ask Erwin Oliva…

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