CookOrDie: Bacon, eggs and toast

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I think I've figured out a neat way to store bacon. If you roll slices
up individually and loosely pack them into a plastic container,
they're easy to break off even when frozen. I think it's because you
minimize the contact points between each slice, whereas freezing it as
an entire slab requires you to hack parts off. To unroll, microwave
the bacon until soft (30 seconds?), unwind, and cook as normal.

This means that I can have bacon and eggs for breakfast practically
any time I want, which *might* not be a good thing. <laugh>

In other news, lunch today will be some kind of cold chickpea salad. I
soaked the chickpeas yesterday and then boiled them in my rice cooker
while having breakfast. They turned out nicely cooked, and I didn't
even have to pay attention to them. Neat.

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