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One of these days, I'm going to try properly following the recipe for
curried chickpeas. I like curries – Japanese and Indian-style curries
in particular. Apparently, cooking curry isn't just a matter of mixing
water, flour, and curry spice. Or at least I *think* it's curry spice.
I inherited it from my very first roommate here last year. The jar
didn't have a label, but I vaguely remembered that I had curry in my
cupboard somewhere, and it was in either that or the jar labelled

Right. Someday I'm going to learn how to do a proper curry.

The chard that showed up in my Organic Good Food Box worked out quite
well, though. I actually followed a recipe this time around, instead
of treating it as some random leafy green. Joy of Cooking gave a
recipe for chard sauteed with garlic and seasoned with red wine
vinegar, which turned out to be pretty nice and easy to prepare.

As for carbs: I've decided to work my way through the frozen bread
that I've accumulated over several months. The oval pita I picked up
on sale reheats quite well under the broiler. Ah, for a little toaster
oven instead of these less-flexible slice toasters. (Although I
suppose slice-based toasters make it harder to burn toast unattended.)

My mom will be pleased to know that I've gotten back to regularly
taking vitamins. I'm also succumbing to peer pressure and becoming
semi-vegetarian. ;) Not for ethical reasons, mind you, but for purely
practical ones.

  • I'm less likely to give myself food poisoning as long as I stay away from dangerous plants.
  • It'll be easier to entertain friends, many of whom are (aspiring) vegetarians/vegans.
  • I can get through the Good Food Box and other food arrangements faster.

That said, I still like bacon and eggs, and I'll have to work my way
through the chicken in the fridge eventually.

As long as I make sure I cover possible deficiencies in a vegetarian
diet, I should be fine. =) Besides, I don't mind eating meat when I go
out. I just want to learn how to cook veggies in a way that makes me
want to actually eat them. ;)

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