MBA elective courses

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I've missed the deadline for the Fall MBA courses, but I might be able
to squeeze my way into 2012HF: Entrepreneurship, 2915HF:
Entrepreneurship with a Social Mission, or 2916HF: Cultivating
Presence. Or I could just sit in, if I can get away with that. 2915HF
looks like a terrific course. =)

I'm definitely planning to go for Spring 2007 MBA electives. There's:

2003HS Shape It, Don't Take it
2016HS Strategy and Competition in Creative Industries
2017HS The Strategic Value of Social Capital
2018HS Outsourcing
2914HS Not-For-Profit Consulting

I'm particularly excited about the social capital and outsourcing
courses. =)

The application deadline for the Spring Term is November 15. I can so
make that. I'll see if I can take Strategic Management this term so
that I can take the 299* level courses next term. I think I'll spend
Tuesday downtown so that I can sort this out, instead of waiting until

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