Pampering myself

| life

Wednesdays are for catching my breath. I spent the evening pampering

I lathered my face and wiped the suds off with a soft washcloth,
poured boiling water into a large bowl and steamed my face for ten
minutes, and then used some tissue to extract some of the oil from my
skin. (Must get ingredients for clay or strawberry mask.)

I scrubbed my feet with pumice, soaked them in a warm bath (the
cleaning bucket is *just* wide enough to accommodate my feet
crosswise!), and scrubbed them again.

For good measure, I decided to have a proper bath, too. Self-massage,
mmm. I read a book until the water cooled a bit, then I ran cold water
in to energize me.


Next week, maybe I can try adding a few cups of milk or some drops of
essential oils. A little bit of indulgence…

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