Planning my birthday party

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I've been drafting my invitation for my 23rd birthday party. I know, I
know, I'm late. I should give people more than a week's notice. But
with one thing or another… Meep.

I started drawing up a guest list, and I felt panic starting to set
in. I'm at over 40 people right now. Looking at the living room…

I need to focus. This is *my* birthday party, and I'll celebrate it
the way I want to. =) I want to:

  • Tell stories about my past year. Lots of firsts!
  • Share my questions.
  • Set and share goals for the next year.

It's more important for me to have an intimate party than it is to
have a large one. I want to invite people who would care about my last
year and be there for my next one. If I'm going to ask people for
letters, they should be people to whom I can write similar letters.
Plus points for people who read my blog and comment. ;)

Okay. 23 people, including myself. We'll just have to find some way of
fitting into my living room at Graduate House.

I must be ruthless about my party plans. I can celebrate with other
people later. =)

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