Sew what?

| sewing

When I noticed the rip in Shane D'Costa's
shirt, I insisted that he change into a bathrobe robes so that I could
mend the tear. It's nice having a sewing kit handy. I find few clothes
that I particularly enjoy, so I like taking care of them. It's also
nice to be able to do little things for other people.

I know a number of people who know how to sew.
Leigh Honeywell made her own prom dress.
Totally impressive. =)

I don't have the space for a sewing machine just yet. I'm tempted to
learn how to sew well enough to make things that I'd consider
well-made. I suppose I wouldn't do too badly with some sewing and
embroidery skills, though, because I can then embellish basic forms.

I enjoy wearing clothes that say something about me, whether it's my
appreciation of traditional culture or my quirkiness when it comes to
computer T-shirts. I like being able to maintain such clothes and
maybe even modify or create new things. Besides, sending something as
simple as that out for alteration or tailoring is expensive,
especially considering how little time it takes to fix something. =)

So yeah, sewing. S'fun. I like knitting, too, and look forward to
picking it up again this winter.

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