Networking party in New York that I really, really want to go to

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The Greater IBM Initiative is having its first party in New York City on Thursday, Sept 21. I really, really want to go and meet all these people in person. Why? Because I can do really really well face-to-face, and because I’d love to make those deeper connections. How can I make it happen?

First, let’s set that up as a deal I make with myself. After I finish
five articles about networking that I can post on the Greater IBM
blog, I’ll give myself permission to go on this trip.

In the meantime, I need to plan ahead. How can I keep my costs down?

  • Transportation: I’ll keep an eye out on rush flight ticket prices. Can I hitch with anyone driving down from Toronto?
  • Accommodation: Maybe one of the IBMers at Corporate HQ will let me crash on their couch.
  • Party: How can I make the most of the event? Is there a program that I can get onto?
  • Events: What other events should I hit at that time?

How can I raise money for this? (Hah. Maybe a donation jar at the event!) Ideas?

Let’s make this happen!

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