The dawn of a new Moleskine

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I've reached the last page on my well-loved Moleskine notebook and
must retire it to my archives. This is the little black notebook I
described in my blog post on
Networking with Moleskines. I have a fresh Moleskine to write in, newly numbered (odd pages only)
and ready for all the conversations I'll have in the future. I've moved my masking-tape fountain pen holder to the new Moleskine.

It's a good time to think about what I'd like to keep and what I'd
like to change.

I've come to see my notebook as a temporary buffer for conversations,
notes, promises, thoughts, ideas – anything that should make its way
into my computer. It performs this job admirably. It's the only way I
can remember to keep in touch with so many people after all the events
I go to. It lets me be proactive in following up. Of course, it's not
much good if I don't actually have the time to sit down and do some
correspondence, but at least the data is kept somewhere safe.

I love the back pocket – great for business cards and emergency cash.
I love the binding. I love the fountain pen's heft in my hand and the
smoothness with which it glides across the cream paper. I love the
comments and smiles I get when people notice the pen, too. I love the
secret knowing grins of fellow members of the Moleskine cult. ;)

Most of all, I love the trust. I love knowing that everything would be
in my little black book. All I have to do is go through everything
sequentially to make sure that I get everything into my computer and
my Big Brother Database.


  • Paper is good.
  • Using my notebook for conversations is terrific.
  • I should keep some kind of index for memorable information. I referred to this frequently.


  • No ripping things out. Ever.
  • Need better way to keep track of what's already in my computer, what's been acted on, etc.
  • Need better way to scan backwards for a previous mention of someone. Episodic memory is my friend.
  • Add occasional to-blog pages with back and forward references.
  • Use colored tabs, perhaps?
  • Need some kind of picture support, maybe with phone?
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