What makes a good life?

| life, reflection

Ian Garmaise introduced Lawrence Miller, who
was a wonderful addition the conversation. Talk turned to wisdom. I
asked him, “How do you live a good life?”

He turned the question around, asking, “What is a good life?”

That made me think about what I value and what I want.

One of the things that I want to improve in my life is integrity. I
feel guilty about thank-you cards I haven't finished and e-mail I
haven't yet responded to. A friend recently passed away, and I hadn't
visited her or finished writing the card. I think that going back and
taking care of all of these things would be the best way to spend my
time. I want to get into the habit of keeping my task list sorted out.
I'll do the bare minimum I need to fulfill my other responsibilities
until I've (re)gained a sense of integrity.

I should make that happen. When I do, all other things will be easier.

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