Woke up early today

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These strange things called “mornings” are actually pretty interesting. ;)

In an effort to reset my sleep cycle, I slept at 11:30 PM last night –
or tried to, at least. After tossing and turning for a while (darn
cough!), I eventually managed to sleep.

Worked out great. I woke up for some unknown reason at 4. Went back to
sleep, woke up at 7:30. Managed to get myself out of bed without too
much fuss. Had a leisurely breakfast and another run-through of my
goals. Headed to the lab to work on my research proposal.

It's kinda odd that I spend more time revising my proposal than
actually doing research. There's something a little wrong there. Must
work on research more.

… After I clear the rest of the hurdles on my horizon…

Random Emacs symbol: type-break-interval – Variable: *Number of seconds between scheduled typing breaks.

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