Yay, done with Emacs 22 prerelease review!

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All sorts of goodies in the new Emacs 22. I've just sent a ZIP of the
article and some images off to Don Marti, and I
look forward to merciless editing. I won't be able to post it on my
blog until some time after it gets released, but that was fun to

I had to trim so much material from the individual sections.
Post-thesis, I should really start an Emacs column…

Chatting on #emacs gave me an interesting idea. You know, that Livin'
la Vida Emacs talk I gave at DemoCamp would be great as a
polished talk that I could take on a tour. Post-thesis (or maybe
mostly-done-thesis), I should take to the road and go across US and
Canada talking about tech and meeting up with all sorts of cool
people. It'll be a great excuse to visit Google and Amazon, which must
have lots of incredibly cool Emacs users.


Random Emacs symbol: remember – Command: Remember an arbitrary piece of data. – Group: A mode to remember information.

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