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We spent the afternoon at the Camsur Watersports Complex. My sisters
and I tried wakeboarding. Now I can barely raise my arms, and it's
such a good thing that I brought my Twiddler one-handed keyboard…

Wakeboarding was tons of fun. We started with kneeboards, kowtowing
close to the water. I found it a bit difficult to navigate the cable
course without eyeglasses or contact lenses. I nearly made it first
time around, but I wiped out on the last leg of the circuit because I
couldn't see the buoys. I swam to the side and waited for the golf
cart to pick me up. Then I was back in line for another try. After
several tries, I finally got the hang of the course. I learned where I
needed to brace myself for the sudden slack and jerk as the cable
changed directions. My sister Ching teased me about the fact that I
stuck with the kneeboard instead of trying the waterskis as soon as I
could, but I figured that becoming familiar with the course and the
feeling of gliding over water was a good idea—and it was.

I eventually graduated to the water skis. After two faceplants right
in front of the launching pad, I figured out how to crouch. I even
made it all the way around, coming in almost standing. Yay!

I couldn't get the hang of starting on the wakeboard, though. I always plowed into the water. Maybe tomorrow.

I remember coasting along on my skateboard behind Jed's bike, pulled by a power cord we scavenged from discarded electronics on the street. That was tons of fun, too. And picking myself up after faceplanting on that hill… Yup, that's me, getting back in line after clearing the water from my nose!

Wish my usual adventure buddies were here. I know they'd love it too!

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