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These are the four words that resonate the most with my desire to grow
to be a better person: meaning, abundance, integrity, and love.

I help people connect with their better selves and
with other people in deep and meaningful ways. I create a better self
and a better world through action and reflection so that I can do
meaningful things.
I can do all this because I enjoy an abundance of
blessings and opportunities. I have enough time, energy, and resources
to share with others.
Because of this abundance, I can always act with
integrity: keeping my word, living according to my values, and
respecting others and myself. When I make a mistake or give in to
temptation, I catch myself through reflection or the support of my
others around me, and do what I can to return to a life of integrity.
Through all of this, I act with great love and
compassion. I strive to choose the loving option even if other choices
are easier, and I also open myself to the loving kindness of the

My understanding of these values will evolve over time, as I follow or
even lose sight of them along the way. Still, they're a good guide.

What are your values?

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Jedediah Smith wrote:

Love as much as you can, yourself and others
Responsibility take control of your life, fix whatever mistakes you can, let go of those you can't
Forgiveness if a grudge isn't helping you, let it go
Truth always search for what's real even when you would prefer the unreal
Fluidity embrace change, seek novelty, face your fears, grow
Sarcasm yeah, this is a GREAT value
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