An examined life…

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… feels like it’s worth living.

I write a lot. That’s because letting a day pass without finding
*something* noteworthy about it makes me wonder if I really lived that
day. I love looking for something I learned that day. Writing it down
forces me to figure it out a little more and makes it easier for me to
remember it. It’s like regularly asking: what’s the difference between
me of yesterday and me of today?

I don’t expect anyone to keep up with my blog, although my mom and my
friends make valiant efforts to do so. Heck, I don’t expect *myself*
to keep up with my blog, and I hardly review blog entries except for
reports. But writing is good for me, so I do it. If you like reading
about my adventures and smiling at all these things I’m discovering
for the first (or second or third) time, feel free to read on… =)

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