I love to make people’s lives better

| family

Last night, I insisted that my mom stop working. I wanted her to be
able to spend some relaxed time with my dad, who’s recovering from an
operation. The mood in the house had been a little tense, and my mom
was frowning at her computer again. She was answering e-mail; nothing
that couldn’t wait until the next day. I figured that I could get her
to relax and enjoy the time by reminding her that the whole point of
having a second house is to be able to leave work behind. It was a
good approach, the right thing to say. She smiled and put away her
computer, and we chatted for a while. I was glad to see her relaxed
and smiling. I think I made her day a little better.

Maybe I have a gift for this. It comes easily to me, and even when it
is difficult, it feels good to stretch myself. I love to bring out
people’s better selves. I *love* to bring out people’s better selves.

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