Sometimes the universe gives you a sign…

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… and sometimes it brings out the pompoms and cheers you along the

Winston Damarillo thanked me earlier for referring someone to him. His
Philippine-based software development outsourcing company might land a
deal with a company in Brunei, and all because people comment on this
personal blog of mine. Yesterday, my research supervisor asked me to
recommend open source telephony experts. I happily recommended Simon
Rowland and Simon Ditner, of course. And the day before that, my mom
asked me how Simon Rowland ended up outsourcing some development to
the Philippines, so I told her the story of how I set up the
relationship behind the scenes…

It’s as if the universe is giving me a sign, and the sign is “THIS
WAY!” in huge, flashing neon lights.

If all this could happen by chance, can you imagine how dangerous I’d
be with a Blackberry and a plan? ;)

I *love* it. I care very much about the people I know, and I *love*
helping them succeed. And I care very much about getting to know more
people and letting the network effects benefit everyone…

I want to do this. I want to finish that master’s already and try this

Happy girl!

Random Emacs symbol: battery-mode-line-format – Variable: *Control string formatting the string to display in the mode line.

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