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I’m beginning to like the new suite in Graduate House. Sure, it was a
pain boxing up all of my stuff, carting them up one floor, and lugging
them down stairs for a total horizontal displacement of maybe 30
meters that included an impassable wall… but it’s nice having a view
of the Real World instead of the courtyard. I always felt as if I was
gazing at the navel of Graduate House. We didn’t get a lot of sun in
the old suite, so I kept my shades closed all the time rather than
have people see into my room. Now we face out, but at a decent height,
so I’m allowing myself to keep the shades open and the sunshine coming

I’m excited about renting the new place, though. I just received the
financial statement from the bank. They got it to me in three business
days instead of 7, which makes me quite relieved as I had been cutting
the timing a little too close. I hope the university doesn’t shut down
during Reading Week, which I had also forgotten about, as I need the
letter of employment. I also hope that W-‘s letter of employment
and financial statement make it through in time. I’m looking forward
to having my own place.

That said, I’m not too worried. If it falls through, that just means
that the world has an even better place in store for me. Maybe I
should keep looking instead of having my heart set on this one place.
I’ll do that when I have time again. I have other things to take care
of right now.

But it’s so nice to have the sun help me wake up…

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