Borrowed some time from my thesis…

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… to scour Toronto for an apartment. I wrote down the details of
more than thirty ads, called more than twenty places, visited as many
as I could before friction caused the inner soles of my shoes to heat
up and the bottom of my socks to thin out.

I’m thrilled to say that I found one: right across the street.

Life is going to be a _little_ bit tricky. I’m taking some big risks
here, but I both think and feel that I can take it, and my downside
seems well-covered. I’m biting off more than I’ve chewed before, but
I’m confident that I’ll either be able to handle it or throw it up
without injuring myself badly. =) That’s enough for that
metaphor, thank you…

I’m also slowly teaching myself more about risk, too. I have to.
Better to make lots of small decisions with possible mistakes than to
play it safe all the time and find yourself unable to cope with the
big opportunities that come up. I’m not dealing with huge
opportunities yet, but I want to be!

I borrowed time from my thesis to go on this adventure. Like any kind
of loan, I have to now pay it back with interest. I have a new reason
to not only do well on my thesis, but to do *really* well. And I
*hope* all the pieces fall together neatly, because as much as I trust
that I have a good backup plan, I like it when things Just Work…

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