Crafting day at the Gorey

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Last Saturday was crafting day at The Gorey, where Quinn, Jed and
Leigh live. I created three pieces: a 3-strand faux rose pearl
bracelet with a magnetic clasp, a pair of chandelier earrings with
diodes, and a necklace with bells and seed beads to match the Ifugao
belt that I had turned into earmuffs. I’ll post pictures after I get
back from New York and finish move number one.

I like crafting. I can create exactly what I want instead of combing
stores until I find someone who’s quirky in just the same way as I
am… =)

Crafting with friends is even more fun! Quinn taught Alex and Eric how
to knit, and we spent a lazy Saturday afternoon just chatting over our
respective hobbies. Good stuff.

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