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My kitchen cupboard is organized again, or at least as well-organized
as it can be given that I have to cram everything into one cubic meter
with three shelves. One of my decisions for 2007 is to buy organic
whenever possible, and thus upgrade my quality of life.

I picked up organic toothpaste from the Noah health food store near
Bloor and Spadina. Standing in front of the shelves, I was overwhelmed
by all the choices, but one of the other shoppers helped me out. I
guess people in health food stores tend to strike up conversations
with other people in health food stores…

I also bought Burt’s Bees day cream. I’ve never used day cream before,
but it seems to be an essential part of other people’s personal care.
Winter is really drying, whether you’re inside or outside, and this
might help.

I’ve resumed the CookOrDie project, too. Today I had grilled cheese
sandwiches for lunch and creamy boscaiola for dinner. Look, I followed
a recipe for once! =) It’s really simple: fry chopped bacon and sliced
mushrooms in oil until golden, add cream and cook over high heat until
you can coat the back of a spoon (stir constantly!), add a chopped
spring onion and toss with pasta. It was a good meal. I’ll do it
again tomorrow to see if I’ve gotten the hang of it.

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