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After much reflection on what I want to do and how I want to go about
it, I’ve decided to go with floor cushions and square coffee tables.
This provides maximum flexibility, particularly considering how I
enjoy board games. I can get the black or black-brown Lack square
tables from Ikea.

I’m not particularly keen on any of the floor pillows I’ve seen in
online stores. I think the best bet would be for me to buy floor
pillow inserts, raid Goodwill for computer-related and other T-shirts,
and make simple covers from that. Plus points if I can borrow Leigh’s
sewing machine; if not, I can use hemming tape or safety pins
temporarily. It’ll be funny and personalized. Chic. And it’ll be a
good use of all those conference T-shirts that never fit me anyway…
I’m going to change my T-shirt preferences to XXL. ;) Or I could put
plain fabric on it and get people to sign it with markers…

Now I just have to find a source for large floor pillows. Mwahaha!

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