It’s spring

| life

Now I can believe that it’s spring. The sunlight is warm against my
back. The sun gazes on me and I luxuriate in its gentle massage. I’m
glad that I’m working from downtown today. Later I’ll wander outside
with a book. There’s something about being barefoot on a patio and
feeling the grain of the wood with the soles of my feet.

My winter boots aren’t yet too warm for this weather, but my
full-length coats should be cleaned and put away soon. It’s almost
time to break my espadrilles out of storage, almost time to wear my
light cotton malongs and flip-flops, almost time to enjoy long

I should get myself a sun hat. Something wide-brimmed. Something
light-colored – cream, perhaps? Perhaps I’ll splurge on a Tilley.

It’s spring.

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