Keys to my first apartment!

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I signed the lease the other day, and picked up my keys yesterday. I’m
so excited! W- helped me make a floor plan. The space isn’t that
large, so I’ve decided to drop the bookcase divider and the dining set
from my shopping list.

The living room will have two square coffee tables and eight floor
cushions for maximum flexibility in seating (and the possibility of
hosting board game nights). People who need to sit in proper seats
will have to wait until my next apartment or reorganization, I guess.

I’m thinking of making Sunday afternoons visiting hours for tea, which
should give friends an opportunity to drop by and keep me company
without significantly raising my grocery budget. I can always keep
good tea and biscuits on hand (yay things that keep almost forever!).
I’m planning to spend Sunday afternoons cooking for the week, too. I’m
going to have my own kitchen – I can finally do that!

I’ll need to figure out a nice storage solution. Small spaces can’t be

Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy…

Managing my own place is on my checklist of things to do in life. ;)
I’m looking forward to trying it out!

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