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Another paean to the joys of having my own place! I’m coming to *like*
not having other people around, at least once in a while. To sing at
the top of my voice, to do my chores in a state somewhat less than
presentable (it’s a little too warm here—I should look into getting
two stand fans), to simply relax… Ahhh.

I’m treating myself to a face mask. Green, of course, and with a towel
wrapped around my head—just like in the movies. The tea tree oil
smells fascinating and stings just a little bit. (It’s said to be good
for pimples.) But there! Girl.

Still, this picture would not be complete without my reading lamp, a
delicately curved tea cup with Earl Grey tea (there’s a story behind
that, too), and Jon Bentley’s excellent and not at all dated
compilation of columns: “More Programming Pearls: Confessions of a
Coder.” I loved the essays on algorithm analysis. Two made me think
and go hmm – Floyd’s algorithm for randomly sampling M integers from
the range 1..N, and Hoare’s algorithm for efficiently finding the
median of a set. Geek.

I think I’ll do more hand-laundry today. I like doing that. I’m also
considering getting more cushion covers so that I can change them, if
I can find non-Ikea ones that are also 72x72cm. Then I have lots of
e-mail and blogging to catch up with… Life is good!

Random Emacs symbol: gnus-emphasis-strikethru – Face: Face used for displaying strike-through text (-word-).

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