Augh, I want my life back!

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I submitted the paper through the Web-based submission system and
e-mailed the person who had sent me the early review announcement in
order to find out if I needed to submit it anywhere else. She came
over, asked me a few questions, and told me that I probably didn’t
need to go through the IP review process. Augh! I want my life back! ;)

Well, no, it wasn’t entirely a bad thing. What did I give up? I gave
up DemoCamp and another tech event on blogging. I skipped krav maga
and missed opportunities to have lunch or dinner with friends. I’ve
let mail pile up in my inbox and books on the hold shelf at the
library, just waiting for pickup. This was the tuition that I paid for
these lessons: I can set deadlines that look ambitious, I can meet
them, and I can still keep sane while doing so. I can sense imminent
mental fatigue and deal with it by taking breaks before it hits
instead of trying to work through it. I can have *fun* writing.

So no, I don’t think I would have done it another way. I’m glad I
chose what I did, and I’m happy with what I did with my time. =)

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