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This week, I realized that I’m working on something pretty cool. I had
previously focused on how my prototype fell short of what I really
wanted to build, and I forgot to keep checking against what was
currently being used. I’m excited about the opportunity to try it out
and maybe get a few of the ideas from it into IBM’s culture (and then
the world)!

This week, I set up a wiki for my research lab. I’m going to be the
guinea pig. I’ll write my thesis online. Password-protected, though!

This week, I wrote about falling in love with reading and thinking
about how to help J learn how to appreciate it too. (Quick, while
she’s young and impressionable! Repeat after me:
Science/art/math/crafts/everything is wonderful. Reading rocks. Life
is good.) I got so many insights and tips from my mom and other
readers, which I should write up and post here soon. =) Thanks!

This week, I filed my taxes. I hope this is the last year I’m getting
a refund! I do actually believe in taxes, and I probably will still
keep believing in them even after they take away a third of my pay or
something like that.

This week, I met with a usability expert at IBM who might be able to
help me conduct my summative study. Yay!

This week, I talked to someone from IBM HR who helped me take a look
at my job and immigration paperwork requirements.

This week, W decided to try out GTD. This has also incidentally
resulted in a rise in my productivity. <grin>

This week’s tea party was also lots of fun. Good conversation,
particularly with Mike Tsang’s questions. =)

Next week, I’ll take the plunge and do a pilot usability test. I’m
running a little behind schedule, I think, but we’ll make it all work.
I may have to be anti-social and focus almost entirely on writing if
I’m going to write a hundred-page thesis in a month and a half, but I
really want to finish the darn thing already.

Life is great! I’m glad to get back to my weekly reviews…

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