Another day, another revision; Exercising in the park; Pinakbet and cherry pie

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I sent off another revision today, and I think I’ll be ready to send a
copy of my thesis to my reviewers by tomorrow. Life is good. It’s
really nice just blasting through a set of editing tasks… =)

We ran to Park Lithuania again. My breathing was a little bit better
than yesterday, although I still hit my target heart rate quickly. W
helped me do reverse chin-ups again, although I did only four this
time. We did lots of other exercises, though. I definitely have to
work on those leapfrogs.

He told me that he was glad I could keep up with him. I laughed. Keep
up? For some definition of “keep up,” perhaps. He still runs circles
around me. ;) But he’s glad that I don’t mind exercising. I know it’s
good for me, and with him around, it’s a fun social kind of thing.
Tomorrow I may even go to trapeze class.

After exercise, we made pinakbet—this time with bagoong alamang! He
made me laugh by saying “bagoong” and “ampalaya” over and over again.
The pinakbet was wonderful. This time, I leached some of the
bitterness from the ampalaya (bitter melon) by soaking it in salted
water. The dish turned out wonderfully, and we have two more servings
in the fridge. Mmm mm! Next Filipino craving: beef tapa. Oh, I’d love
to figure out how to make tapsilog…

I’m finishing off the last crumbs of cherry pie on my plate. I’d
stayed away from it all week because I thought cherry pie would be too
sweet and because I had stocked up on fresh fruits instead. W assured
me that cherry pie was made from sour cherries, though. As with all
things food-related, he was right: cherry pie’s yummy. Mmmm mmm.

And we watched another episode of Fawlty Towers, too. John Cleese is

In addition to exercising, cooking a good meal, and cleaning up afterwards, I’ve also skimmed
three and a half books (in just one evening, too), looked at Christmas flights to the Philippines, written a blog entry on my Booksnake blog, drafted an entry for the next day, and written this entry. And yet I still feel that there’s plenty of time to do so many things. Ah, I know—I have some sewing books coming in over the next few days, and I’m sure to get fun projects out of that. And I still haven’t done my Chinese writing lesson for today…

Life is good. Life is very good.

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