Learning how to wok

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Although the Joy of Cooking is a venerable cookbook and the one we
turn to for classic recipes, my current inspiration is The Essential
Wok Cookbook, by Whitecap Books. Maybe it’s the colorful pictures.
Maybe it’s my own inclination towards Asian recipes that feature
garlic and ginger and all sorts of yummy things. Whatever it is, that
wok cookbook tickles my fancy more than Joy of Cooking does. Maybe I
have to learn how to wok before I can… augh. I’m sorry. I just had
to say that.

I like stir-fries. There’s something almost magical about the result
of a 15-minute marinade, a little oil, and a lot of movement. You can
throw in whatever vegetables are on sale. And it lends itself well to
using frozen meat, too. Beef is much easier to slice thinly when it’s
still frozen solid, and you only need a little of it anyway.

I’m looking forward to trying the other recipes. After we finish the
pho, or perhaps for lunch on Monday, maybe I can make garlic beef and
red pepper. Mmmmm…

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