Attack of the killer tomatoes

| cooking

Vine-ripened tomatoes were on sale at No Frills, so we bought some 15
pounds of plump, red, juicy, fragrant tomatoes. Mmm! We wanted to try
canning our own sauce, so we picked up mason jars as well. As it
turned out, canning your own vegetarian spaghetti sauce looks like a
difficult process if you want to minimize the risk of food poisoning.
We opted for the easy way out instead, freezing the spaghetti sauce
flat in freezer bags. It came to about 4 liters of sauce. Where did
all the rest of the tomatoes go? Probably splattered around the
kitchen… it was a mess!

I had a lot of fun pulping what seemed like a hundred tomatoes. I
simply couldn’t stay awake long enough to see the process through, but
W- kept the simmering sauce company late into the night. We look
forward to trying some of it soon. I hope we actually managed to save
time and money in the process, or it’ll be one of those
once-in-a-lifetime adventures. ;) (As long as it’s not an
end-of-a-lifetime adventure, right?)

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