Weekly review: 2007.09.17 – 2007.09.23

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Hmm… So what happened this week?

Getting my book proposal approved was definitely the highlight. That
happened on Wednesday, and I’ve been keeping myself busy writing a
page every weekday. I’m at 993 words now. Whee!

Another cool highlight was the Toronto Girl Geek Dinner last
Wednesday. Leila was a hilarious speaker who told us how having the
guts to go for something made such a difference in her life. Good

W-‘s friend Dan flew in from New York on her way back to the
Netherlands, so we’ve been pretty busy entertaining and listening to
stories. Last night, we hosted a small reunion here at 176. There was
a _lot_ of food. =)

I met one of the people who gave me advice on LinkedIn. I ended up
giving him advice on personal branding and stuff like that. =) Maybe I
should write about that too.

Called my mom. She was happy to hear from me and had started planning
her trip here for convocation. Things are still stressful, though.

Packed the week full of social stuff, now need a little rest.

Lots of writing, too. Aside from chipping away at my book, I also
worked on summarizing the advice that my LinkedIn network gave me on
transitioning into the real world. You can download “Advice for a
Twenty-something” from http://stores.lulu.com/sachac . We’ll give Lulu
a try, although what I’m looking for is something that will let me ask
people for their e-mail addresses if they want to be notified the next
time I try this writing thing.

I picked up bound copies of my thesis, too. Shiny!

Revised my website. Finally.

Did another driving lesson. Went up to 60kph! Managed to not panic.
This is good. Also getting better at shifting gears.

So that’s been my week so far. Good progress towards my goals.
Next week, my top priorities are:

  • More work on book. Let’s see… I want to write 5 more pages this week. Maybe even 10. Let’s pick the pace up a bit. Write in the morning, write in the afternoon…
  • Finally get my yearly update out.
  • Read and post book notes. Definitely feeling the need to get my system organized. I’ve been publishing some notes on LibraryThing, but I’m still lacking something.
  • Figure out how to highlight useful articles so that search engines can find them. Maybe compile a list of my favorite blog posts as a 23-year-old?

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