When there’s more than one way to do things

| emacs

Writing about Emacs turns out to be difficult. There are so many ways
to do something. My goal for this book is to show people some of the
things that are possible and to help people choose. I’m starting to
feel a little overwhelmed myself, too. The key thing that’s making
this manageable for me is giving myself permission to write snippets
here and there, leaving the editing and organization to later.

I’m currently working on a chapter about planning your day within
Emacs. It gives me an excuse to poke around Planner and other modules,
figuring out how to do things. While writing about Planner and
appointments, I took my first close look at planner-appt. Now I have
to think: is this better than the way I’m currently keeping track of
my appointments? Should I switch to it? How do I describe it for
others? Should I show how to use it together with planner-cyclic?

Maybe I just need to stay focused on the reader, instead of on the
features of the software. What do people want to be able to do? That’s
the key…

Gah. This writing thing is hard. But it’ll be worth it…

Random Emacs symbol: tty-display-color-cells – Function: Return the number of colors supported by TTY on DISPLAY.

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