My first week of work

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It’s Friday already? It can’t be Friday yet. There’s still so much I
want to do. =) I enjoy my work and I like the people I’m working with,
and I can’t wait to start again on Monday.

I need to get more efficient at getting out of the house (a quick
breakfast and an already-made lunch) so that I can get home earlier. I
also need to adjust my plans for what I can do in the evenings. I
don’t have four hours of uninterrupted creative time and I’m still
thinking about work stuff, so I need to plan carefully.

The best thing to do is probably to blog during weekday evenings, and
hope to gather content for the book. I’ll save Saturday and Sunday
mornings for the creative heavy lifting, and Saturday afternoons as
well. That’s not nearly enough time. Maybe I should postpone all of my
tea parties…

There’s lots to improve on. I think I’m figuring out a good way to
stay energized throughout the day. I just need to be able to close the
loop on that one. =)

I’ll spend some time thinking about how to manage things and improve
the process this weekend. Things are good.

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