Best laid plans of mice and men

| kaizen

Okay, my estimate of this week for the raw text of my first chapter
(planning your schedule in Emacs) may have been optimistic. =) I
haven’t been able to do any real writing at all this week. I’ve been
adjusting to work, and I’d rather spend this weekend sorting things
out and making next week easier. I’m not going to stress out about it.
It’s a good thing I scheduled two months for the first chapter. =)

So, new goal. First, I need to smoothen this going-to-the-office
business. Here are few things I can do to make next week easier:

  • Sort out my clothes for next week. I got this mostly figured out last week, but a shoe emergency threw my plans off on Friday. I need to check my shoes the night before. I could also benefit from having a catalog of looks that work so that I don’t panic about not having anything to wear.
  • Prepare breakfast, lunch, and snacks beforehand. I’m going to try pll’s oatmeal trick as soon as we find another source of steel-cut rolled oats, as No Frills has mysteriously been out of stock during the last few times we’ve checked. I’m also going to prepare a whole bunch of carrot sticks and other munchables.
  • Have my keys, wallet, and badge in a consistent place. It’s a little strange carrying a backpack AND a purse AND a lunch bag, though. Maybe I can slip the keys, some money, and my badge into the pocket of my lunch bag. I may need to switch to a slimmer wallet that will just hold a credit card, a debit card, some cash, and a driver’s license.
  • Wake up even earlier. Let’s try waking up at 5:30 tomorrow. Ideally, I’d like to shift far enough so that I can miss the rush hour commute, as I’m much more relaxed when I have a chance to sit down.
  • Stop replying to e-mail on the subway. Sure, I can reply to a lot of e-mail during the commute, but I don’t feel as rested, and my replies aren’t as deep. Ditto blogging.
  • Blog in the evenings, after dinner. Make dinner ahead, if possible.
  • Start winding down by 9.

I want to be able to write at least one Emacs-related blog entry
sometime during the week, so this will require some time-squeezing…

Random Emacs symbol: nnir-current-group-marked – Variable: Internal: stores current list of process-marked groups.

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