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This note from Mark A. Hershberger: ,
and all the rest of the e-mail I’ve been getting from Emacs geeks… *glow!*

Now even just *thinking* about the book makes me feel all warm and
fuzzy and eager to write. Who knows what cool hacks I’ll come across
in the process? How wonderful can it be? =)

I promise to finish the raw text for the first chapter (planning your
day in Emacs) by this week, and I’ll get plain-text or formatted
drafts out to beta reviewers by next week. I can’t wait to see how
much better it will be once other people get their hands on it.
Questions, clarifications, cool hacks, cheers… It’ll be so much fun!

I’ve always liked working on things that real people used. That was
one of the biggest reasons I *loved* maintaining Planner: hearing from
people how it helped them do something cool or made their day or helped them make someone else’s day… I love making people
happy, and I’m looking forward to doing that with this book. =) To all
the people who’ve written or who’ll write to me in the future—thank you for
stepping forward and letting me see *you* instead of just a nameless, faceless audience. Thank you for letting me write for you!

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