Work like you’re showing off: Be the best you can be

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I’m excited about the first day of work tomorrow. A little terrified,
yes, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I am going to be the
best person I can be, because I’m going to spend that time anyway, so
I might as well do the best I can. Here’s a quote from Joe Calloway’s
book, “Work Like You’re Showing Off”:

Why would I conceivably not want to be the best I can be at whatever
I’m doing? I like the idea that whether I’m sweeping a street, weeding
my yard, playing drums in a band, teaching a class, taking photos at a
wedding, working as a customer service representative, selling
insurance, washing cars, running a company, being a personal fitness
trainer, bagging groceries, or writing a book that I take the
attitudee that I will knock your socks off with how I do what I do. Or
maybe it’s my own socks that I want to knock off. (p.72)

I’m looking forward to knocking my socks off. =) I’m going to learn a lot and
things won’t always be smooth, but I’m going to find and engage that passion.

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