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I had *awesome* conversations again this week. I greatly enjoyed meeting Jennifer Dodd, Jamie McQuay, and Hartwell Fong at Farcoast last Wednesday. We talked about so much: science outreach, Second Life, quantum computing… Then there’s yesterday’s conversation with Ian Irving about tech evangelism and consulting. This is amazing stuff. I want more people to enjoy these great conversations! =)

I’ve been getting ready for my job at IBM, which starts on Monday. I
checked the public transit route to 3600 Steeles, and
Stephen Perelgut is right: it’s not
complicated. I’m getting used to wearing grownup clothes, too! ;) Yesterday, W- complimented my pairing of a gray cashmere turtleneck with a gray dress. I’m finding myself drawn to neutral bases (white and gray for the most part, with a bit of black), and I’m now looking for a few accessories to add color and whats-it.

I made more progress on my book. I spent some time learning how to use
Org, and feel comfortable enough with it to write the section on
planning my day. I think I understand it now. I’m also comfortable
with planner-appt, and I’m going to recommend that over the little
hack I put together before.

This has also been a great week for exercise. I went to trapeze
classes twice thanks to W-‘s encouragement, and have successfully been
able to hook my knees over the bar or hold my legs extended over my
head without assistance. Whee!

My goals for next week are:

  • Finish the raw text for the first chapter in my book.
  • Get on board smoothly: find out my manager’s expectations, help him figure out a great way to use and develop me, finish the onboarding paperwork, and set up direct deposit
  • Make it smoothly onto the bar in trapeze classes
  • Attend the Toronto Public Library board meeting to see if I’ll make it my primary charity this year
  • Contact the U of T Career Centre; also, see if I can access the contact directory
  • Connect with Mohan and see what I can do to help, or what holes there are in my Web 2.0 network
  • And if there’s time, I want to figure out how to blog using Org, too.

Random Emacs symbol: backward-delete-char – Command: Delete the previous N characters (following if N is negative).

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