With five years of blog posts, there’s a lot to discover

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Okay, I have a seriously souped-up blog now.
Enjoy the random posts and the retrospectives on the WordPress
interface to this blog. If you click on a post, you’ll see links to
other posts I made on the same day in different years.

Why am I doing this?

Might be a little crazy to think about it, but I know I’ll get a
lot out of seeing where I’ve come from.
If I stumble across
questions I’ve asked or things I’ve reflected on, maybe I’ll stop and
think a little. If I can make more of my blog content available to
Google, maybe I’ll come across my old notes when I’m searching
for something I don’t even know I knew before. And who knows? Maybe
I’ll even figure out how to get this nicely sorted into a printed book
for my mom. ;)

What about other people? What would you get out of this? Maybe
random clicking around will help you get to know me.
Maybe you’ll
like the things you read, maybe you won’t. It’s a chance I take. But
if you’re randomly clicking through slices of my life, you’re probably
friendly. =) And who knows, maybe one of these entries will make
you think,
and that thought will turn into other thoughts, and
then you come up with a wonderful idea. Randomness is like that.

And if, while reading, you should happen to stop on an entry that
catches your eyes, you may notice how different things are year to
year, and how much stays the same.


I wonder what the next five years will be like. Let’s find out!

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non-nil, all MIME parts get buttons.

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