Christmas carols

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“I could warn you that I can’t sing,” I joked.
Mike Tsang had invited me to join a Christmas
caroling group. Rehearsals tomorrow, then carols at a hospital on
Wednesday. I’d better be a quick study. Well, it’s a choir; as long as
I don’t sing too loudly, I’ll blend in. I love singing, and I’d love
to be more comfortable with it. And it’s not a bad time to sing, too,
with familiar tunes and more forgiving people. ;)


I listened to the Christmas CDs from the UP Singing Ambassadors
yesterday. It always amazes me that people can sing so beautifully,
and I really enjoyed listening to the Tagalog Christmas carols. (Come
to think of it, I know people who would like to hear them too.)


Listening to songs like “Noche Buena” took me right back to Paskorus,
our annual choral contest in high school. I remember how Simonette
Santos, one of our musically-talented classmates, would play the piano
and help conduct the rest of us tone- and rhythm-deaf geeks. ;)
Somehow we survived. Somehow we even won, one of those years.
(Facebook tells me that Simonette has a four-month old baby. More on the baby blog.)


Toronto seems strangely quiet during the holiday season. Sure, there
are plenty of holiday decorations. The supermarkets and department
stores all play cheery (but slow-paced) tunes to brighten the mood and
encourage browsing. At 120 Bloor E, there’s even a Christmas tree
festooned with computer mice and network cards that have been
spraypainted gold. But no streetkids rattling home-made tambourines
and cheerfully belting out off-key carols, no aroma from
freshly-made bibingka, no parols.

I’m going to make a parol. We know where to get bamboo, and I can find
decorative paper easily. J- will like the crafts bit. This weekend…

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