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Work: While reviewing the work I’ve done on the social media guide, I found out that I’d written well over 16,000 words in the last few weeks. The guide is shaping up quite nicely, and I’m looking forward to turning it over in the next week or two. This is good, because there’s a whole bucket load of work coming my way. The next two weeks are going to be quite interesting.

Book: The chapter on notetaking in Emacs is starting to take shape. I’m at 6000 words, and my target is 16,000. My editor and I are gradually tweaking the structure. I’m learning!

Speech recognition is now accurate enough for me to read book notes to my computer, and this is actually quite fun.

I’ve made a list of little things that I could buy or do to make my day-to-day life better. Surprisingly, most of the things in this list aren’t expensive. I look forward to using my play money budget in a planned manner.

W- is doing a fantastic job of keeping me sane. He’s just amazing. He’s also keeping me very well fed, with buttermilk cinnamon rolls and couscous-stuffed chicken.

It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow!

Goals for next week.

Book: If I write 1500 words every day for the next week, I’ll be done with all the content by Sunday. Then I can spend the last week of January editing this chapter and the previous one. I need to finish the section on Planner, and I’m also thinking of writing about howm and a few other Emacs notetaking techniques.

Life: I look forward to touching base with Flo and maybe Leigh on Saturday. Also, I’ll invest some time in taking care of some of the things that make my life easier. I’ll start with 10 minutes of exercise every day, or maybe 20 if I can get that sorted out. =) It might not be fun immediately, but it will become fun if I stick with it.

Work: Customize the social media wiki with more client-specific information, and turn it over. Prepare for my next engagements. Starting to get the hang of this!

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