Working two jobs

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“Next time I do this, I’m going to have to find a day job that isn’t this similar to my hobby,” I said as I took a three-minute break from writing. Even with the break-reminding program I have on my system, a full day of working at the computer was still tiring–and I had nearly half a section to go.

“This isn’t a hobby,” W pointed out as he massaged my shoulders. “It’s more like a second job.”

He’s got a point there. Because I want to meet some goal dates, I put schedule pressure on myself. It’s work. I do a little bit of it even when I’m not in the mood for it, and I consciously work on getting into the right mood for it. And hey, I’m thrilled about my progress. =) I can almost feel my writing muscles getting stronger.

I’m settling into a good rhythm for writing. For example, this section took me 2 hours and 19 minutes to write. Just enough time between a post-dinner break (take a shower, read a book, chat a little, look at Your Personal Penguin (so cute!)) and bedtime.

Getting speech recognition to the point where I can trust it would be nice, too, so that I can give my hands a rest. =)

Must remember to write about non-Emacs, non-writing topics sometime, or I’ll bore all my friends!

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